10. Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe: A Japanese-Korean Fusion Hot Pot

Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe is a Japanese-Korean Fusion Hot Pot


Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe is a delightful blend of Japanese Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) and Korean Kimchi hot pot. A combination of textures and flavors, this fusion dish unites two culinary traditions in a harmonious and delicious way. This guide takes you through every step of the process to help you create this delightful dish at home.

Ingredients for Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe (4 servings)

Gather the following ingredients to create this sumptuous dish:

  • Pork Cutlets: 4 pieces, about 150g each.
  • Panko Breadcrumbs: 1 cup, for a crispy coating.
  • Egg: 1 large egg, beaten for dredging.
  • All-Purpose Flour: 1 cup, for coating.
  • Kimchi: 2 cups, chopped – use your favorite brand or homemade.
  • Broth: 4 cups, chicken or pork – for a rich base.
  • Tofu: 200g, cubed – adds a soft texture.
  • Soy Sauce: 2 tablespoons – for flavor depth.
  • Sesame Oil: 1 tablespoon – adds a nutty aroma.
  • Oil for Frying: Enough to deep fry the cutlets.
  • Salt and Pepper: To taste.

Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe is a Japanese-Korean Fusion Hot Pot

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe

Follow these detailed steps to create a perfect Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe:

  1. Preparing Tonkatsu:
    • Season the pork cutlets with salt and pepper on both sides.
    • Place flour, beaten egg, and Panko breadcrumbs in separate shallow dishes.
    • Dredge each cutlet in flour, shake off excess, dip in egg, and then coat with breadcrumbs.
    • Heat oil to 350°F (175°C), and deep-fry the cutlets until golden brown and cooked through, about 5-7 minutes.
    • Drain on paper towels and slice into bite-sized pieces.
  2. Creating Kimchi Nabe:
    • In a large hot pot or saucepan, heat sesame oil over medium heat.
    • Add the chopped kimchi and sauté for 2-3 minutes until fragrant.
    • Pour in the broth and soy sauce, and bring to a gentle simmer.
    • Add the tofu and simmer for 5 minutes to absorb flavors.
    • Gently add the Tonkatsu pieces, and simmer for another 5-7 minutes, allowing flavors to mingle.
    • Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper, if needed.
    • Transfer to a serving pot, and serve hot with rice or noodles.

Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe is a Japanese-Korean Fusion Hot Pot

Tips and Tricks

Personalize your Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe with these suggestions:

  • Add vegetables like mushrooms, napa cabbage, or scallions for more nutrition and texture.
  • For a spicier version, consider adding some Korean chili paste or red chili flakes.
  • If you prefer a different meat, chicken or beef cutlets can be used instead of pork.
  • For a vegetarian version, you can replace pork with firm tofu or a plant-based meat substitute, and use vegetable broth.
  • To make it gluten-free, use gluten-free soy sauce and gluten-free breadcrumbs.
  • Be careful not to overcook the Tonkatsu in the hot pot, as it can become tough. Simmering just long enough to heat through and absorb flavors is key.


Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe is a delightful and satisfying fusion dish that combines the crispy, savory taste of Japanese Tonkatsu with the bold, spicy flavor of Korean Kimchi hot pot. Whether enjoyed on a cold winter’s day or as a unique dish to impress guests, it’s sure to become a favorite in your culinary repertoire.

This detailed guide provides all the information and tips you need to create this dish at home, with flexibility to adapt to your taste and dietary needs. With careful attention to each step and quality ingredients, you can recreate this restaurant-quality meal in your own kitchen. Happy cooking, and enjoy your Tonkatsu Kimchi Nabe!

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